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Detail verdict about the iPad by USAToday

People, there remained less than three days before the iPad will come to our hands! At least those of us who fell for the madness and were able to realize the relevance of this gadget. And believe me, there are very many looking forward to this new magic device. USAToday decided to attain a detail verdict about the iPad. Ed Baig and Jefferson Graham, provided a comprehensive review of the iPad.

The general conclusion seems to be quite positive for the present, but, of course there are some limitations according to some people, i.e. no flash, no USB, no multitasking. For us there are many merits in this first realize such as the multi-touch screen and its associated capabilities, the applications availability and user experience, that will make the whole thing unbelievable.

USAToday was ready to announce the first iPad a winner. It becomes an imposing electronic-reader competitor for Amazon’s Kindle. It also sets game machines from Nintendo and Sony atwitter. Well, let’s watch the review.

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