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Talking pet on your iPad

Price: free
Download link: iTunes

Just look at this nice cutey! This is Tom, your pet cat, which responds to your touch just like real pet, and he also repeats everything you say with a funny voice. You can pet him, feed, poke and punch him or grab his tail, though Greenpeace wouldn’t like it.

The following video shows the app in action:

So, you can do the following actions with Tom:

– talk to him! and he’ll repeat everything you say with a funny voice;
– pet him! and he’ll purr;
– grab his tail! And he’ll complain;
– pour a glass of milk! and he’ll drink it with pleasure;
– record videos and upload them to YouTube & Facebook or send them by E-mail.

You’ll never be bored with this puss :) Children like him very much, let’s watch:

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