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Size still matters

The iPad’s launching is just around the corner. The Internet is full of rumors about soft from App Store for this device as its facilities are much more comprehensive than those of communicator. But few people have noticed that we won’t get so usual apps as Clock, Calculator, Weather, Voice Memo and Stocks with the gadget.

Isn’t it strangely? You know that it’s not a problem to create bigger versions. There is an opinion that the issue is not about technology, it’s about design as these applications look awfully on the tablet’s big screen. That is why Apple generalissimo put veto upon them. The chances are that these apps will come back with iPhone OS 4.0 but in re-imagined form.

The developers will reupdate their apps for the tablet very soon as in spite they can be triggered they look not so good. I think that iPhone soft unoptimised for the iPad can walk into the same water as Classic-apps when changing over to Mac OS X i. e. you seem to be ready to accept them now but you are longing for something real.