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Safari 5 review

Several hours after iPhone 4 presentation a press release announcing Safari 5 hit the web site prnewswire.com. This is strange but this press release wasn’t placed on Apple’s Safari webpage and what is more it was removed from prnewswire.com 15 minutes after its publication. The strangest thing is that Apple really updated browser and made it available for free download on their official web site. So, what’s new in Safari 5? At first, let’s watch video review:

Here is the list of main features:

– “ Nothing but the story” – Safari 5 detects an article on a web page, you should just click the Reader icon in the Smart Address Field, and the article appears instantly in one continuous, clutter-free view. This is very good feature especially for webs where are a lot of banners.

– Safari 5 runs JavaScript almost 25% faster than Safari 4. Helping to speed up load times, Safari 5 implements DNS prefetching as well as improving caching of previously loaded web pages.

– In addition to Google and Yahoo! Search Safari 5 gives you built-in Bing search.

– Improved HTML 5 support. Safari supports many new HTML5 functions such as geolocation, full screen HTML5 video playback, closed captions, new page structure elements (article, aside, footer, header, hgroup, nav and section), HTML5 AJAX history, EventSource, WebSocket.

– Safari 5 includes improved developer tools. Now web inspector has new time scale bar displaying the information about Safari and web page interaction, which allows to find variants for optimization.

– It became possible to switch from one bar to another much faster due to new key combinations.

They also added:

– Smart address field. When you type text Safari matches the text against the titles of web pages in your history and bookmarks. Safari also offers suggestions when you type any part of the address.

– Tabbed browsing enables automatic web pages opening in new tabs instead of single windows.

– Hardware acceleration in Windows.

– Search History with dates. Due to new mark in history search you can see the date of page viewing.
– Top Sites/History Button. There appeared new button on the top of each window enabling handy switching between Top Sites and search in the whole history.

– XSS Auditor. Safari can filter potentially malicious scripts used in cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

– Private Browsing Icon. A “Private” icon appears in the Smart Address Field when Private Browsing is on. Click on the icon to turn off Private Browsing.

– Improved JavaScript Support. Safari allows web applications that use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to run faster and more securely.

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