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Post cards for your near and dear ones with Card Shop

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For some reason more and more heart-warming traditions become merely unnecessary in our life, many of them have already completely disappeared, some have been undeservingly forgotten and entered in a list of “survivals of times past.” Of course, some new things replace them but let’s recall those kind emotions we used to feel when received a letter by post.

It was so long hoped-for, as we needed first to compose it, then to fill several pages with tiny penmanship writing, find an envelope, have a lick at it and attach a stamp, and to look forward to a response with a sinking heart for a week or two – it was like a ritual. Now everything is much easier – you need just type a text, press “Send” and voila, your addressee has it in a moment.

A very good custom to send post cards from vacation shared the same fate. Of course, it’s absurdly to state that novelties didn’t bring anything good as they guarantee security, safety and high message transmission rate, though romance is almost lost.

So, miSoft restores heart-warming traditions in Card Shop app. By means of this program you can not only send a couple of post cards but also make something special with your own hands using photos uploaded to your iPad with the camera connection kit. Card Shop is a nice app which allows to provide your friends and family with positive emotions, sending them post cards.

You can choose from a variety of options and create your own design, using pictures you’ve taken or ones available within the app. Add text, graphics and frames to the front of your post card. Select various fonts and their colors to write special messages and then position them with your finger. Adjust size and angles using the buttons on the right side of the screen.

When you’re done with the front of your post card, go to the back. Type the message, choose a stamp and postmark and it’s done! Send your personal post card to your family and friends via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter or MMS.

When you are on vacation, share your splendid memories with your loved ones by creating post cards for them for $0.99 in Card Shop app.

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