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iZones: world time on your iPad

Price: $1.99
Download link: iTunes

iZones is a new iPad app designed to help everyone get detailed information about time zones. This app will be very useful and almost indispensable for the world travelers or those who have frequent business trips.

The program features easy but beautiful graphics of high quality, handy intuitive interface that will help you navigate all the time zones of the world. iZones graphically displays the current, past, or future time anywhere in the world, across the cities simultaneously. This is really necessary thing especially if you’re an international businessman and have no moment to lose.

This app includes over 80 time zones to choose from and they are all set to their respective times including when they are in Daylight/Summer savings time.

The great graphics makes it really easy to find out what day and time it is in a certain country compared to your current time zone. If you have frequent conference calls or travel to other countries this is the perfect app to coordinate all the time zones you are calling or visiting.

The program functions well, it does everything it has to do and it is simple to set up, so look for it in AppStore for mere $0.99. And remember that our time is priceless.