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Instapaper for the iPad and iPhone

Do you like to read something interesting online? Unfortunately, it often happens that something distracts us at the most inopportune moment, this can be a boss urgently demanding documents or some other socially useful task, and there you have to break off reading. Is it a bother for you also to look for the site, author, publication itself in order to read it later? In this case you will appreciate Instapaper Pro which allows you to save the publication you liked from any web site on your device for later access.

The program saves texts in ordinary text format and removes various superfluous things such as pictures, advertisement etc. This application works well on the iPhone and now developers are preparing new version for the iPad. The good news is that those who already have Instapaper Pro on their iPhones will get free iPad-specific update, this new version of the app will be appropriate as for the iPad as for the iPhone.

So, how does this program work? You click “Read Later” bookmark (it is installed in toolbar in the browser of your device) and seve the article having interested you. In fact, the update won’t differ much from the original; the main change is landscape orientation of the list of articles. The developers promise simple interface, added black background mode, page layout and font adaptation.

The app will be available on the day of the Apple iPad launch i.e. April 3.