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DreamBook Pro for iPad: all dream books in one app

Price: $ 3.99
Download link: iTunes

I am sure everyone at least once in life wanted to look into the future, get an advice how to act in some difficult situation, sort out his / her feelings. AppMania provides us such opportunity due to its DreamBook Pro app for iPad. Do you think it’s a fortuneteller and psychologist all-in-one? You have another guess coming! This is a collection of most popular and interesting dream books.

Let’s start with the list of dream books included into the app, so:

– Freud’s dream book;
– Miller’s dream book;
– Madam Hasse’s dream book;
– Nostradamus’ dream book;
– prophetess Vanga’s dream book;
– common dream book.

By the way, you can make out a list of sources you use in order to interpret your dreams according to your own rules. For example, if you’re not interested in Freud’s dream book, you should just untick it in settings and Dr. Sigmund’s interpretations won’t bother you any more.

Application features:

– there is a calendar saving your dreams history, which you can view any moment;
– ability to select a background for the app;
– font size and color adjustment;
– ability to post comments to interpretations;
– ability to e-mail interpretations or place them on Facebook and Tweeter;
– ability to send the word you couldn’t find to developers for its adding to the database in the next
– description to each dream book;
– automatic synonyms matching;
– ability to update dream base directly through the program;
– the app includes two versions – for iPhone and iPad.

As you can see, DreamBook Pro is a wonderful app saving your time, as now there is no need to delve into the Internet in search of various interpretations – all of them are in one program on your iPad. So, if you are interested in dreams, I highly recommend DreamBook Pro. You’ll get beautiful graphics, complete information and intuitive interface. The price is absolutely justified – mere $3.99 in AppStore.