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Colored Pencils: drawing on iPad

Price: $3.99
Download link: iTunes

You can make such a wonderful drawing by means of Colored Pencils app, which perfectly simulates pencils on a sheet of paper. Everyone – young and old – will like this nice program¬.

The app has beautiful intuitive interface, which is very easy to use, this cannot but gladden :) The features are as follows:

– canvas size choice: 320×320, 320×480, 480×480, 480×640, 768×768, 768×1024;

– many colored pencils and erasers;

– layers (copy, merge, rearrange, adjust transparency, add to max 4 layers);

– undo / redo with 20 steps;

– draw area zoom;

– rotatable and reversible canvas;

– send mail with a painting image attachment.

The program is available in AppStore for $3.99.