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Apple bans for “illicit” movements

That is nothing new that Apple censors of App Store applications are the sternest judges but the fact they try to assume to themselves a right to certain gestures gets, as for me, beyond narrow bounds of the concept ‘format.’

Web Albums HD is one of the examples of such bans, this app enables interaction with your photos in Google Picasa. Well, Apple condemned the part of code enabling user by the means of gesture to ‘peep into’ the stack of photos without opening it in full. There is nothing super-special but it looks gracefully. There is similar function in original Apple app Photos that’s why the answer to the developers was approximately the following: the pinch to expand feature is “associated solely with Apple applications.” However, Apple promised to allow the app if this misunderstanding will be removed, that has actually already been done. So, the ‘corrected’ app is now available for $ 2.99.