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Joule: beautiful iPad stand

Joule iPad Stand Stylish is a beautiful and very spiffy accessory for your iPad. Its Hi-Tech style is really suitable for Apple tablet computer. Besides nice form the accessory provides surety and durable usage as it’s made of chrome aluminum thereby the stand is light but solid.

This beautiful accessory doesn’t narrow your iPad’s workability as it has an opening for Home button and ensures complete stability for it is supplied with pieces of rubber in points of contact with surface. There are three holes inside the cylinder to adjust most convenient position for your device and the slot in which you place the iPad is covered with black velvet, which sets the tablet firmly in place while avoiding any graze and scratch.

Joule iPad Stand Stylish comes in two colors. Besides chrome there is also black version of the accessory, made of anodized aluminium, which is used for manufacturing most of Apple devices.

This beauty costs $129 and is available on its producer’s website.