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iPad in one hand

Now you can easily hold your iPad in one hand due to an elegant accessory the Onhand X-Band by TKO Solutions. The accessory design impresses with its originality. The Onhand X-Band consists of four leather corner loops, connected to a neoprene and nylon X strap and allows users to fasten their iPads more securely.

Except that it’s very convenient to hold your iPad with one hand instead of two, the accessory is also useful when you use your tablet computer to display something to an audience, such as a work meeting, or an app demonstration.


– Materials: leather, neoprene, and nylon;
– X-Band Glove holds iPad safely and securely with just one hand;
– Colors available: black and blue;
– Neoprene glove fits any size hand;
– Perfect for demonstrations – hold the device in one hand, operate with the other.

Onhand X-Band is already available for $19.99.