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iHome iA100ZE: first iPad dock

iHome, the company specializing in various accessories for mobile devices production, which released some wonderful docks for iPhone, has finally got to iPad.

Of course, iHome iA100ZE supports not only iPad, its little brothers, iPod and iPhone, can also be easily connected with the dock, though, the main device is iPad. Synching with Apple devices is extremely simple, you need tap just one button.

Built-in Bluetooth mod enables listening to music and making phone calls via handsfree talking (of course, this concerns iPhone). As for the other characteristics announced, we can specify FM radio, alarm and special iHome app, offering wide variety of user’s signaling systems, weather, statistics and notices.

Another interesting feature is reproduction of music before bedtime, the device determines by itself what track should be played, what is more, it automatically optimizes sound for special speakers.

Unfortunately, there is no information concerning the price yet.

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