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Hard Case: A bodyguard for iPad

iPad is utilized in many fields of human activity and its use conditions are varied, that’s why Schulz Plumbing designed Hard Case for iPad to protect your tablet computer from various bad factors. It is marketed as an accessory for people using iPad at a construction site, underground 0_о and other dangerous places.

This bodyguard for iPad is made from aluminum finished with a secret weather-resistant lacquer. The case looks not so stylish but its functional is rather good:

– the top of the case is a high capacity construction for fastening important documents, you can also use its solid surface to write on;

– inside the case there is a special section for the same important documents;

– of course, there is a compartment for iPad itself in Hard Case. It’s formed out of high density
polyurethane foam.

Watch the video below:

This wonderful protective accessory will cost you $49.95, well, it’s aluminum after all :)

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