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Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve for iPad

There has appeared one more accessory for the iPad. Hard Candy has produced its Bubble Sleeve. There is a joke that the best antistress is cellophane with pimples, the company evidently started out exactly from this idea.

But joking apart, Bubble Sleeve is a ballistic nylon and soft microfiber case. It has bubble-shaped bumps on both sides, a grid-textured cushion will protect iPad’s screen on the inside and in order to seal everything closed there are double zippers.

Except bubbles, specialness of Hard Candy’s design is also in four removable rubber corner grips. They are necessary for the iPad that can be moved with Velcro to properly accommodate the final sizes and shapes of two versions of the iPad, i.e. Wi-Fi-only version and Wi-Fi + 3G version.

Specially for the first iPad purchasers Hard Candy is ready to ship its case even now, they will be available in three colors.