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Handicraft: both Swarovski crystals and joiners bench

Vaja knows how to make fine device cases. Now they have created splendid little things for the iPad. However, this pleasure is not cheap, you see, Vaja uses good leather and makes everything by hand and this is expensive combination.

The blue and white case I like so much costs $170 and this is an inexpensive one. There are a few that cost even more and one case decorated with Swarovski crystals costs $350. Well, it’s up to you. Either you spend $200 on an iPad case or feed your family for the month.

And here is the contrast to Swarovski crystals – meet Piece of Wood. This is just a block of wood with a slit cut at a pleasing angle. That’s all. There is nothing supernatural. Depending on the type of wood, this dock can cost right around its actual price $5. Of course, anyone who has a table saw or miter saw and a router could make one themselves in about one and a half minutes but then it wouldn’t be so hip. Though… it’s handicraft after all :)

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