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Is it possible to send SMS from iPad?

I’ll tell you something very interesting. Turns out, it’s possible to send SMS from your iPad. Are you interested? Then follow the instructions and you’ll do it :) So, for a start you’ll need iPad Wi-Fi+3G with jailbreak, APT (though, if you have Cydia, APT is already there), OpenSSH with terminal on Mac/Win and iPad, for example, pTerm. Let’s get started:

– by means of any text editor create a folder /usr/etc on your iPad;
– enter Terminal on your Mac or Win and by SSH connect to your iPad, input ssh root@ip_your iPad address and alpine is a password, if you haven’t changed it for your birth date :)

– input apt-get update, then apt-get install minicom, if there appears “Install these packages without verification”, press y and Enter. Then input minicom –s;

– after this choose Serial Port Setup in menu and tap Enter;

– there appears a question “Change Which Setting?”, the answer is a;

– then change /dev/ttys1ode for /dev/tty.debug and tap Enter, then Escape and choose Save setup as dfl, close the Terminal.

These were preparations, which should be done just once. Now, let’s engage in sending messages. In order to do this:

– open the Terminal on your iPad, input minicom –w;
*if keyboard is inactive for some time, just wait*

– input at+cmgf=1;

– input at+cmgs=”subscriber number” (in quotes!), and only after sign “>” appearance input your SMS text;

– to complete the input, tap Enter, а Ctrl+Z and volia!!!

That was the first message from your Apple tablet computer, though, unfortunately, you won’t get a reply to your iPad. Now, performing last 4 points, you can send SMS, if you have enough patience for that.

One Reply to “Is it possible to send SMS from iPad?”

  1. Heloo Moto

    How to Ctrl Z on iPad terminal?