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Long-expected iPhone 4

On June 7 during Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 Apple presented its newest device iPhone 4. Despite the fact our web site specializes in another Apple product, we couldn’t ignore this event, so let’s watch... Read more

Safari 5 review

Several hours after iPhone 4 presentation a press release announcing Safari 5 hit the web site This is strange but this press release wasn’t placed on Apple’s Safari webpage and what is... Read more

iPad review live

The first review of ‘real’ iPad made PCMag Internet publication. As you remember, the device will fall into users’ hands very soon, notably April 3. Now we can estimate all Apple iPad facilities, so let’s... Read more

Meet the iPad

Today Apple has posted on its web site introductory guided tours giving details of almost all apps for the iPad. Isn’t it the beginning of workshops about use of the iPad? Watch the video and... Read more