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iHome iA100ZE: first iPad dock

iHome, the company specializing in various accessories for mobile devices production, which released some wonderful docks for iPhone, has finally got to iPad. (more…)...read more

Joule: beautiful iPad stand

Joule iPad Stand Stylish is a beautiful and very spiffy accessory for your iPad. Its Hi-Tech style is really suitable for Apple tablet computer. Besides nice form the accessory provides surety and durable usage as it’s made of chrome aluminum thereby the stand is light but solid. (more…)...read more

Compass: compact and nice iPad stand

The topic of handy and compact stands for Apple iPad somehow took backseat as everybody plunged to develop software. Though, Twelvesouth decided to fill this vacuum and presented their new Compass stand. (more…)...read more

Guitar amplifier on iDevices

We have great news for all who can play guitar, or think they can . IK Multimedia announced its AmpliTube iRig – a guitar adapter for Apple iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. So, you can jack your guitar or bass directly into your iDevice and obtain access to a lot of effects. (more…)...read more

Everything’s under control

Universal remote control is a very handy and useful thing. There have appeared a lot of variations of this device recently. It is rumored that there is even a remote control for your sweetheart So far iPad doesn’t have such functions but this is an unsurpassed device as a remote control consolidating all remotes into one. ThinkFlood and iGi are two companies that can help you to control all your domestic appliances. (more…)...read more

Pencil stand for iPad

Here is one more product by do-it-yourselfer – iPad stand made out of office accessories, such as 6 pencils and 4 elastic bands. Simplicity is a guarantee of brilliance But you should take pencils with erasers to provide friction and keep your iPad from damage. Try to do it yourself. The close-up image below shows the stand and details: ...read more

iPad in one hand

Now you can easily hold your iPad in one hand due to an elegant accessory the Onhand X-Band by TKO Solutions. The accessory design impresses with its originality. The Onhand X-Band consists of four leather corner loops, connected to a neoprene and nylon X strap and allows users to fasten their iPads more securely. (more…)...read more

iPad surf-riding with Apstik

All fans of sport games connected with board on iPad, such as surfboard, skateboard, snowboard etc., will appreciate a wonderful accessory Apstik. It will take your gaming experience to the next level. (more…)...read more

Hard Case: A bodyguard for iPad

iPad is utilized in many fields of human activity and its use conditions are varied, that’s why Schulz Plumbing designed Hard Case for iPad to protect your tablet computer from various bad factors. It is marketed as an accessory for people using iPad at a construction site, underground 0_о and other dangerous places. (more…)...read more


This is the iBox for which its seller is asking $25, though, in fact, it’s just an unfinished box – it is a robbery! I’m dead sure you can make the same accessory yourself and this will be much cheaper. (more…)...read more