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Top-Rated Android Weight Loss Apps

Managing your weight and diet can be a challenge, but technology can help. The following apps can help you determine just how many calories you eat with each meal along with their nutritional value.

Some of the best Android weight loss and dieting apps will even help you plan your meals, track your weight and even estimate how much you will gain or loose over time based on your eating habits.

Here are some of the best Android apps for managing your weight and diet and eating habits in general.

Libra -Weight Manager

If you have the discipline to set and meet your own weight loss goals and simply need an app to track your progress Libra is the app for you. Libra tracks your weight using a trend line. After you have entered a good deal of data the app can then do a trend analysis and estimate where you weight will be at a given time in the future.

Some of Libra’s features include:

  • Easy data entry
  • Scrollable, zoomable chart
  • Weight goal
  • Time-to-goal estimate
  • Daily KCal estimate/calorie counter
  • Visualisation of your diet plan in the chart
  • Statistics
  • Share chart via email, mms, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Import/Export to Excel (.csv)
  • Widget

Simple Weight Recorder

This Android Weight loss app is also a simple weight loss/gain progress monitor. Simple Weight Recorder does the job well by giving you a super easy to use interface for entering your weight on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or whatever interval you choose. The app takes that number you enter, adds it to the database along with the date and time of the weigh-in and allows you to see your progress on a chart for the last couple of days, months or whatever interval you want.

Ultimate Weight Watcher Diary

I dare say this is the best Android Weight Loss app. If you are following a food value based weight management plan this is the app for you. Ultimate Weight Watcher Diary allows you to track how much protein, carbs, fats and fibre you intake with each meal and how much you burn off in an exercise session.

To make it easier for you to note what you are eating and burning the app has a large database of more than 50,000 food items, menu listings from over 180 US and UK based restaurants and just so you and enter food items more easily it has over 1 million food you can scan with your barcode reader for quick data entry.

Some other features include:

  • A Meal Maker with portion setting
  • Food & Exercise calculator
  • Daily Allowance calculator
  • Calorie tracker
  • Weight & Body loss progress tracking with goal setting, statistics and graphs
  • A weight loss and a tracking widget
  • The ability to export diary – great for sharing with your trainer



When your weight fluctuates it is nice to be able to look back at the record of what you had been eating, and how you look over the period of your weight loss/weight management process. DietCalendarFree allows you to record your weight on a daily basis and use the charting feature to see your progress over time. The feature in this app that I like best is the fact that you can use the camera to record progress photos – great for before and after photos.

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