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Top-Rated Android Recipe & Food Apps

Here are top-rated Android recipe apps to help you fire up some amazing meals (from appetizers to desserts), discover ones you have never tried before and even find recipes that meet calorie intake or allergy limitations you may have.

These food apps will help you amaze your family and friends, plan tasty meals and/or find more healthy food options.

Recipe Search

This Android app has tons of recipes in categories such as main dishes, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, ethnic recipes, soups, stews and diet recipes. It also helps you to find recipes based on a single ingredient so you are presently craving.

Application Features:

  • Complete recipes directions, ingredients and reviews
  • Search recipes by ingredients and food title
  • Forums where you can talk to others about their diet and health tricks
  • Bookmark recipes for quick access
  • Full sharing of recipes to: email, SMS, twitter, facebook and others
  • Create your own recipes; share with friends and community
  • Helps you create a shopping list
  • Find food that fit your diet, including: diabetic, baby food, vegetarian and gluten free

Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner

A free Android recipe app that gives you access to thousands of top-rated recipes – each featuring photos and reviews from a community of millions of home cooks, plus, time-saving recipe tips from Allrecipes.com Members and their ideas for recipe variations that help to eliminate any guesswork.

This app is great for finding recipes to cater to picky eaters as well as those who like their meals tasty. The app allows you to choose by:

  • Dish: Appetizers, drinks, main dishes, side dishes, desserts…
  • Ingredient: Search for what you have on hand or what you are looking to buy
  • Cooking time: from recipes in under 20 minutes to all-day slow cooker dishes

If you aren’t sure of what to prepare you can just shake the phone or hit “spin” to get a random selection of dishes and ingredients.

170,000+ Recipes BigOven

To get the best experience from this app you will have to sign up for a free account at BigOven.com.

If you don’t signup for an account you will still be able to: find recipes by keyword, course or ingredient; get ideas to use leftovers or the ingredients you already have.

Even though I suspect that they will try to get you to upgrade to the $15.99/year PRO membership after you signup for free membership, with a free account you can:

  • Post your own recipes on BigOven.com, then view them on your phone
  • Take and upload photos of any recipe you make within the app
  • Save your Favorites and “Try Soon” recipes so you’re never stuck
    without dinner ideas
  • Read and add your own recipe reviews
  • Import your own recipes with RecipeScan
  • View, edit and search all your recipes on your phone or BigOven.com
  • Create a grocery list on your phone by choosing “Add to grocery list”
    on any recipe
  • Ingredients are automatically added and sorted by aisle to your
    grocery list
  • Get nutrition facts (calories, fat, sodium and more) on 170,000+ recipes
  • Store your posted recipes privately, if you’d like

Sweet’N’Spicy – Indian Recipes

This Android Recipe app has a large collection of Indian Foods and Recipes – a total of 4000+ recipes spread across three major categories Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian and Vegan.
The app allows you to browse by category, or find recipes according to your calories needs and for those who have food allergies.

Notable Features include:

  • A calorie calculation engine
  • Search by categories and sub categories
  • Find the list of ingredients and instructions for each recipe along with comments from those who had tried it before
  • Find alternatives for every recipe
  • Calories and allergies filtering
  • Browse and search recipes by food name, category & sub category, cooking time or just video recipes
  • Interesting and relevant cooking tips along with each recipe
  • Lists beneficial health tips (natural remedies) from recipe ingredient where available
  • Organize your favorite recipes in My Favorites
  • Has a community section where you can rate, review recipes and pictures and see what others are doing on Sweet’N’Spicy
  • Find matching recipes for the ingredients you have on hand

Mixology™ Drink Recipes

Whether you’re a novice bartender or a full-blown mixologist, you’ve got to download this app. The app has thousands of drink recipes (7,900+ drink recipes and 1,300+ ingredients.
If you are serious about making a career in bartending or mixology this drinks app will help you learn the terminology and techniques – it can also help you find the tools of the trade, and supplies you will need to get you started.
Notable features:

  • Drink Categories – Drinks are categorized by Cocktails, Martinis, Shooters, Jello Shots, Hot Drinks, Punches, Non-Alcoholic, and favorites
  • Metric/Imperical Units – Metric and Imperial (US) units can be chosen for all drink recipes with the click of one button on the “More” tab
  • Liquor Inventory & Drink Suggestion – lets you search for cocktails you’re able to make with what you have
  • Random Drinks – Lets you randomly pick cocktail recipes based on liquor, mixer, and glassware criteria
  • Liquor Store Locator – Find nearby liquor stores using Google maps and GPS.

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