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Sonalight: One of the Best Android Voice Recognition Apps I’ve Seen

Personally I am not a fan of text-to-speech solutions, they are much too inaccurate and gimmicky for me to take use seriously, but Sonalight is a hands-free texting and speech recognition app for Androids that I find works particularly well, especially considering the fact that you don’t need to touch the phone at all to use the speech recognition feature.

Fixing the User Interaction Problem with Android Text-to-Voice

Currently if you want to use the text-by-voice system in the Android OS you will have to unlock the phone, launching a messaging app, choosing a contact, tap in the text field and then tap the voice icon – who doesn’t work if you are driving or your hands are otherwise occupied.

Sonalight, works completely hands-free once you start the app – you don’t even need to look at the screen, which makes it ideal for texting while driving.

To start a new message just say the wake up word and listen to the prompts. The app will first ask who you want to text message and then prompt you to dictate the message – all along the way confirming each input by reading it back to you before proceeding. This feature helps the app avoid mistakes and improve accuracy.

Amazingly, Sonalight even works when the phone is sleeping. Just say the wake up word and it will come to life without the need to tap or touch the phone. The app can also automatically readout the messages you receive, so you can respond by voice as well.

The only disadvantage I can think of is that the app may take a toll on the battery since having the app constantly listening means that it will need to stay running in the background all the while consuming system resources.

Performance and Accuracy

The voice recognition aspect is fairly good but is further enhance by the confirmation steps that the app employs before executing a task. We dare say that the voice recognition is on par with Siri at the core, but couldn’t at this time be considered a truly superior app to Siri, at least not until the service can be applied to tasks beyond texting.

Email and Navigation Support to Come

I was disappointed that the app currently doesn’t support navigation tasks, but Sonalight’s co-founder, Spenser Skates says those features will come in the future.

According to Skates, the objective was to “nail texting first.” Says Skates. “Once we make the experience good there, we’ll move into other things like email, navigation, maps, and looking up stuff in Yelp, or whatever.”

To install this text-to-voice Android app use this QR Code

Source: “Sonalight Lets Android Users Text While Driving Without Touching A Phone,” TechCrunch

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