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Upcoming Smartphones – 2014

2014 promises bigger, better, faster and more dynamic smartphones. The year is all set to buzz around octacore, ultrapoint and stimulated 3D UI type of keywords! New players are expected to enter the market and the oldies are committed to not only hold their loyal customer base, but also expand their market and reach new horizons!
Here are the list of some of the smartphones, which are expected to make it big in 2014 :
Amazon Phone – Amazon is most likely to enter the smartphones market and join the Biggies bandwagon in the year 2014. The news is that it might restrict itself with launch of a handful handsets in its debut year and is expected to keep their price very competitive. Amazon plans to adopt this policy to make sure that its handsets are not only noticed, but are also tried and appreciated among smartphone users. The rumor is that the company is likely to imrpovise on stimulated 3D UI in its smartphones and would promote this feature as their USP.
Amazon Phone
Blackberry Q 30 & Blackberry Z 50 – Blackberry has tried hard to survive in 2013 and its struggle is likely to continue in the next year as well! Its Q 10 smartphone did won some hearts but Z 10 did not attained the popularity they anticipated. Yet, they plan to launch newer version of either models in 2014. Apart from the new models, the other thing about which the market is eager to know would be the fate of this one-time-smartphones-market-leader-company.
Blackberry Q 30 concept
HTC Two – HTC One was no doubt one of the best smartphones of the year 2013 and HTC plans to continue the success story with the launch of HTC Two as well. This smartphone is likely to be one of the earliest launch of 2014. The rumor is that it will be a 5 “ 1080p screen, with an octacore processor and will run of the latest version of Kitkat. Its 4 MP ultrapoint camera is likely to set a new trend in the world of smartphone. Another thing that would be anxiously awaited is its design. HTC is known to give a premium look to its every smartphone and it would be interesting to see what they have planned in the tunnel for HTC Two!
HTC Two concept
LG G-Flex – After the super successful G2, LG is all set to re flex its muscles with the upcoming G Flex. This smartphone is rumored to introduce a brand new featured curvy screen, which would reduce the reflection and improve the resolution and enhance the overall user’s interface. This phablet will have a big 6 “ screen and 13 MP camera and could well pass the popularity of G2. At least, LG would surely think and pray for its success!
LG G-Flex
Galaxy S5 – Last but not the least, Samasung is likely to repeat its successful sales figures with the launch of Galaxy S5. Earlier models of Galaxy, S3 and S4, have been very well received by the smartphone lovers from across the globe and S5 is most likely to continue to carry the flag march ahead in this run. Its 16 MP camera would be on test and hopefully, Samsung would like to get more innovative with the design we could well expect a more exclusively designed S5 this time around!
Samsung Galaxy S5 concept
Apple’s iPhones – Apple would no doubt like to show the way to its quality products in 2014 as well. The 5 series might be continued or the 6th one could just commence. One of the significant features of Apple is that they not only continuously innovative and implement new technology to their iPhones, but also keep on improvising on their present features. So, its not only the screen that is going big and the pixels increasing in numbers, but the inner sensors too get more sensitive thus improving the quality of the resolution. For this reason, Apple stands apart from their competitors and truns out to be market leaders in terms of profit, by merely holding a share of 5 % of its niche customer base. Apple hopes to continue this trend in 2014 as well.
iPhone 6 concept by Pritesh Chavan
Apart from the above international brands, Asian brands are likely to fetch better results in 2014. China’s leading brand Geome and promising Indian brands like Micromax and Karbonn, with their ever improving technology and super competitive pricing can well go international in 2014 and give established brands like Smasung, Nokia, LG etc. a hard run for their money. One of the significant aspect that have gone unnoticed by all smartphone companies is the poor battery life of these gadgets. The most expensive smartphone is not likely to last more than 8-10 hours for a power user. Lets hope that they pay attention to this fact this time around and we get to see smartphones with better battery life!

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