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Disney on your iPad

Price: free
Download link: iTunes

The Walt Disney Studios has announced a new app with unpretentious title Disney Movies exclusively for iPad in order to inform and engage fans. The app will allow users to learn more about new and favorite Disney movies.

So, this free app enables you to:

– look through the latest trailers;

– read about your favorite movies;

– see local theaters and show-times for Disney films;

– buy tickets via Fandango and other online movie ticket providers.

One of the first projects this app provides is a new movie “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and those films which are now showing in cinemas.

Besides above-listed, users also get:

– access to movies in Home Entertainment DVD category;

– ability to purchase Disney movies on Blu-ray or Disney DVD;

– ability to to download movies digitally into users’ iTunes or Vudu accounts will be added.

So, this is pretty good, though advertising app.