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Track a lost phone with Android Device Manager

Google has announced that in order to help its users find their missing phone, they have created a new tool which will allow them to track it. Not only that, Android users will be able to track, ring and remotely erase all the data on the phone, so it can’t get into the wrong hands.
The service is going to be made available to those with devices running on Android 2.2 or above, according to Google. Users will need to be signed up to Google Accounts for it to take effect, but the internet giant are also offering an Android app which will allow their users to track and manage their Android devices. So if you don’t want people seeing your pocket fruity scores, or your bank app is accessible, you can feel a lot more secure if you misplace your phone.
Google has said that Android Device Manager will ring a linked phone at maximum volume, so that even if the phone has been put on silent, they will be able to hear it if they are within range. They will also be able to locate the phone on a map in real time. If it happens to be somewhere far away from you, and can’t be recovered because the device was stolen etc,

you can quickly and securely erase all of the data on your device to keep your data from ending up in the wrong hands.

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This is nothing new of course. Microsoft, Apple and Blackberry have been offering similar utilities for a long time. Find My iPhone, BlackBerry Protect and Find My Phone let owners of phones track the location, lock them, wipe the data and even trigger alarms. Odd, when you consider that Android take up a majority of the Mobile phone market. You would have thought they’d have developed this technology sooner.
Still, better late than never. Check out the Android website, if you want to learn more in future about how to use the Android Device Manager.

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