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Samsung Launches Galaxy Chat ICS With Qwerty Design

Samsung has now launched an entry level ICS ( IceCream Sandwich ) phone namely Samsung Galaxy Chat featuring a qwerty keypad. Samsung Galaxy Chat has small screen size of just 3 inches. Other features of the phone include 2MP camera, Bluetooth 3.0 , USB 2.0 , quickoffice editor which is seen in every Samsung Galaxy phone. The phone has 4 GB built in storage and also there is slot for an SD card.

Samsung Galaxy chat


The processor of the phone delivers a speed of 850MGhz processor because of which we doubt that weather ICS would work efficiently or not. It is the first phone with 850 MGhz processor and supporting ICS.

The best part of the phone is the battery as the phone could be used for 520 hours on a standby mode.

The phone will be available by the end of this this month. It will be first launched in Spain and the further it will be available in other countries too. The major feature of the phone is that you can use the IceCream Sandwich in a cheaper price.

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