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Samsung Galaxy note 2 or Grand :Hell of Confusion

Samsung’s latest phone Galaxy Grand is now available in the market at very reasonable price. Looking at the screen of the new phone, everyone is comparing it with Note 2 as Galaxy Grand features a 5 inch screen but however Grand lags behind Note 2 in certain features.



First of all Galaxy Grand does not has the speciality of Note that is the S Pen. On comparing other features both the phones are one of the ahead of others but concluding Note 2 has a better quality 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen whereas the Grand has a simple TFT screen that too of a lower resolution as compared to Note.

Other main differences in the phone is between the processor as Galaxy Grand features a Dual core processor of 1.2 GHz speed and at the same time Note gives you the speed of a quad core processor featuring ARM instructions and Cortex A9 processor. In a concluding note, Note 2 offers better features, but Galaxy Grand is being offered at better price. Look into your pockets and purchase the best.

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