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Samsung Galaxy Beam : A Projector Phone

Samsung has now launched Samsung Galaxy Beam which is first android smartphone with projector. The phone is capable of projecting photos at a distance of 2 meters as it has a 15 Lumen DLP (Digital Light Projector) which produces very clear images.

Hardware and Specifications:

The phone has a fast 1 Ghz Dual Core Processor and the CPU of the phone has a RAM of 728 MB which makes it fast. The phone runs on Android 2.3 that is Gingerbread, however the phone is upgradable to Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich.


The phone has a rear camera of 5 Megapixel which records very good videos at 720p. The phone also has a front camera with the help of which video chats could be done.

Display and Battery:

The phone has good battery of 2000mAh with the help of which you can watch a full movie without requiring to charge. Also to mention that Samsung offers two batteries with Samsung Galaxy Beam. The phone has good and large display of 4 inches which makes it more attractive.

Other Features And Price:

The main feature of the phone is its projector as the image and video quality that is projected by the projector is very good. Also the phone supports most of the applications from android play. The phone will be available to you for just Rs 30,000/-.

So far Samsung is the only company which has launched a phone with projector but there are some small companies like Micromax and Spice who have also launched phones with projector but unfortunately those phones weren’t successful. We expect that this new launch by Samsung becomes popular just like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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