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Is There a Possibility that HTC Phones can be banned from US.?

The Legal battle between Apple and HTC against HTC can favour Apple and this can lead to a ban on HTC products. Now it’s been a year that both the companies are battling with each other. Their battle also complaints about the Apple’s larger complaint against Android that it is an copied product from the iPhone.
The two companies are fighting as the Apple filed a petition against this Taiwanese company HTC that it is using the technology which is used in iPhone that too illegally. Apple filed four patents which HTC were currently using and out of four ,two were leaning in Apple’s favour.
Similarly Apple also filed suit against Samsung Electronics about coping the design and also it being the biggest supporter of the Android.
Apple is just messing up with all his competitors legally in court and the main reason for this is that Apple wants to destroy Android and that is what was also written in the Biography of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs. Apple says that Android is an copied product and all the companies should stop producing it.
On the other hand Android is free operating system which allows the market Companies to produce phones based on Android so most of the companies started doing this and Produced phones which were in a close competition with the Apple’s iPhone.
HTC whose phones were not too famous , tasted the success with Android and found a market of good buyers and Apple could not see this so it just filed a law suit.
If HTC is found violating any of the patents then the result will be a ban to HTC products. Then there is sixty days presidential period.The Final decision will be of the court that weather the ban will go into effect or not.

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