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Chromebook Or The Apple Mac Mini

Google latestly releases chromebook PC running on the Chrome OS by Google. The new styled chromebooks are designed to compete with the Mini Mac.Description: http://www.johnsphones.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

Google chrome book is just like your personal Computer or laptop which runs on the new chrome OS. The chrome book is like your PC and also at the same time it acts like the cloud Client. The Chrome OS uses the Linux Kernels and the Chrome browser which provides you with millions of applications , integrated media player and an extra brilliant browsing experience. According to Google the boot time which the chromebook takes is hardly eight seconds which is quite less and very impressive.


Mini Chromebook


The first chromebook developed by google was Cr-48 prototype machine and for the commercial use the chromebooks are produced by Samsung and Acer. The machines will be available with the wireless and 3G connection, the Samsung Chromebook will have a 12.1 inch widescreen whereas Acer’s chrome book will have a 11.6 inch screen. The Samsung chrome is available to people in the price range of US$429-US$499 and the Acer chromebook is available in US$349-US$429. We just hope that Google promoted the chromebook and very soon they are available in retail across the world.

The Chromebook are expected to give a tough competition to the Mini Mac by Apple. It is expected that a large number of Chromebooks will be sold by the end of this year. We will be updating more about this in our next post regarding the same.

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