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Apple And Android Beats Blackberry

The manufacturers of the blackberry smart phone RIM (Research In Motion) have been defeated by the Apple and Android smart phones as the sales of the Blackberry smart phone has dropped a lot and the company has also faced a huge loss of about $125 million.

Blackberry smart phones are disappearing from the market after every day passes as the users are finding Android or Apple smart phones better.


RIM also reduced the price of its mobiles upto 26% so as to attract the consumers but however many customers are not satisfied with the Blackberry services.

The company is facing heavy loses and has started cutting off jobs as about 3000 jobs were cut off so as to reduce the manufacturing costs and company don’t face any further loss.

The company has started collecting its unsold handsets and trying figure out some way to sell those unsold handsets in order to earn something out of the loss.

The company is facing a hard time as also the Tablet launched by Blackberry namely Playbook was also a market failure and a the end were sold at a very less price just to finish the stock. Now there are hardly any chances that the company sales would improve.


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