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Sony Launches Xperia U

Sony is most known for the design it gives to its products weather it is the concept of the two display screen in a Tablet or like in this case using a transparent strips which emits light when the upper touch buttons are being pressed.

The Sony Xperia U has a special removable stip which can be changed to different colours according to your style. The design of the Xperia U is quite a similar to the design of the Sony Xperia S.


Talking about the hardware then the phone has a powerful dual core processor which means you can run all the applications on your phone. The design of the phone is quite fresh as told earlier a transparent strip is being attached which emits lights of different colours when the navigational dots are pressed. Navigational dots is new and a fresh look to smart phone.

The size of the display of the phone is about 3.5 inches and also the quality of the display is very fine on using it. However the phone is a lot better than the previous phone Sony Xperia S.


The phone feature 1GHz dual core processor with 1GB RAM. It is the first mobile with the SMP multithread processing.

The phone has a 5 Megapixel camera with an LED flash. The camera of the phone is quite fine and capable of recording HD videos.

The phone is quite good competition to some other phones in the market like the Samsung Galaxy Ace2 and the nokia Lumia 710 as the phone lies in the nearby price range.


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