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Siri Now Has A Competition With S Voice in Galaxy S3

Samsung recently launched its Galaxy S3 which gained a lot of popularity worldwide. But there two special features which are being launched with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and those are firstly the S Voice.
Last year Apple iPhone 4S was launched which started a new era of personal assistant voice control Siri which became popular in no time. From then, many trials were done to copy or make another voice control software which could match Sir and now looks like Samsung has made that one.

S Voice is the voice control software for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which allows you to browse the web and read the messages and also perform other tasks like weather forcasting and lots more. The other key feature that you will find in the samsung Galaxy S3 is the eye tracking which is new feature for the android smart phone. Some other features are also worked upon in this new Galaxy S3 as a new and intelligent lock system is being used in this phone which keeps the processes going on even while the screen is off.

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