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Amazon’s Kindle Fire: Technical Reviews

Kindle Fire is a very well designed by Amazon to give a close competition to Apple’s iPad. Amazon’s Kindle Fire was awaited from a long time and now when the device is finally available in the market we have all the pros and cons of Kindle Fire.
Kindle Fire is priced at a cost of $199 which would be loved by if you are a regular Amazon buyer as it provides a smart access to Amazon. Kindle Fire allows you to Watch movies and listen to music and also stream T.V shows but the best thing about the Kindle Fire is reading books on it which is very interesting and exciting. Amazon simply tried to focus on the things on which it could.
Kindle Fire is less suggested for the office and should be more used for the entertaining time or the breaks.
Some cons of the Kindle fire are firstly that it doesn’t automatically provide a way to connect to a Microsoft Enterprise Exchange server. No doubt that the inbuilt application to access the email is awesome as it provides features to access multiple accounts and also allows easy switch between the email accounts but still it seems that something is missing. We see in iPad2 that emails can receive all kinds of attachments with is quite cool and the same thing is missing with the Kindle Fire.


GPS in the Kindle Fire is very handy and also the cellular hotspot service is not inbuilt. The home screen of the Kindle Fire is very cool as it shows what you have done in last but the you cannot hide your home screen when you don’t want to use it. Amazon is based on the Android based so obviously you can access the Android Market but you are not able to access all the apps of the market.
The screen size of the Kindle Fire is also very small as compared to the Apple’s iPad2 which doesn’t make it too interesting to use but the screen is made of gorilla glass display which is very resistant to damage , cracks and scratches so we would also don’t need screen protectors for the screen of Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire also allows you to store your data on the Amazon servers and you can access the data on your computer also which is one positive point about the Kindle Fire.
Overall the Kindle Fire is a strong competition to Apple’s iPad2 as if we go with the price Amazon’s Kindle Fire it sets well with the price.

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