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Amazons Android Tablet Kindle Fire

Amazon recently launched its Android based tablet recently for the retailers and and suddenly after a few time Amazon was sued by Apple for using the term “App Store” for the digital store or market which sell or provide applications and games for the users. However had already registered the word “App Store” for the Apple iPhone App Store in 2008, just a week before when the company launched Apple iPhone.Description: http://thetechnocraze.in/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

Amazon’s tablet was awaited from a long time as it includes some exciting features which are however better than the existing Tablets. Apple says that this is leading to the decrease of goodwill of the iPhone App Store. To this Amazon responded that App store is too generic and the case should be dismissed and no further discussion should be made. But the judge refused to agree to Amazon and said that the content is not generic. Previously there were also some issue of Apple against Microsoft against its Home server based software Amahi over their use of terms.Rumors also say that Apple is doing this to overcome the competition which could be faced by Apple as the Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been launched and it is fully loaded with features just like the iPad as there is a huge difference in the price of both the Tablets . iPad costs around $500 where as kindle fire costs around $199.

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