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iPhodroid for Windows will be Released Next Week

You have always dreamed by iPhodroid for Windows! Finally, it’s coming soon, Sergio Mclfy, the developer of iPhodroid has confirmed that he has managed to install iPhodroid on Windows and get it working! He posted that he scheduled to release it next week, will he really release it and next week? from his quotes,

Finally I see clear trough the window! Yeah, it’s right, iPhoDroid hits the chance for Microsoft users to get a taste of the desirable Android Project. And on my schedule it’s for next week. It will be in 1SHOT; 99% to be, at least from my head calculator. So, tell your friend because I need to get this intention more strong than never. Windows platform always was my main target, believe me. And now that time just arrived…Keep tuned, mate. I know we will have so many fun 😉

iPhodroid R13 1Shot was released last week to Install Froyo Android 2.2 on iPhone 3G / 2G with 1-Click Install but for Mac, and as you noticed above it’s coming next week for windows so stay tuned!
Update 1:iPhodroid for Windows has been released check this post.

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