Download Royale Vista II Final Theme for Windows XP

Its Just another Visual Style for Windows XP (Theme), it is called Royale Vista II Final created by dobee.

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Ok, before anything else, why I am posting a Theme for XP, which you will say again, XP is now Dead. Just to let you know, as of to date, 50-60 percent all over the world still uses Windows XP and the remaining percent is the rich people can afford to buy new High-End PC’s. so, this article is for those users who still uses XP, like me 😉

Now, I would like to share you this great work of ART from the artist I’ve mentioned above. Again, this theme is just for a change, since we always see Windows 7 Aero or Windows 8 concept themes these days, and for me it’s boring to see those themes again and again.

Ok, enough said. Here’s Royale Vista II Final Theme for Windows XP.

Royale Vista II Final

How do we Install this theme?
Just run the RoyaleVista2.exe inside the downloaded archive, and follow the install process.
How to apply this as my theme?
Just go to your Desktop Properties > Appearance Tab
and choose Royale Vista from the themes lists.

Apply Royale Vista

Click OK and your done. Nice and Easy ey? Enjoy it!

Download Royale Vista II Final for Windows XP

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