Windows8 Apollo Start Up Screen

Microsoft announced officially the preview of the windows8 mobile version that is Apollo. The new version windows8 includes the fresh new home screen which includes many other applications and looks quite similar to the Windows8 consumer preview.

Windows8 will support all the applications which are developed for the windows7 phone. Moreover you also get a better skype integration with the windows phone this time.

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It is rumoured that the windows phone users will get a new update for their phone which is known as windows 7.8 , this new update includes the new home screen of the windows as shown below. The new home screen helps you in adjusting more applications which you frequently use.

The new windows home screen also allows you to customize the size of the tiles according to wish. You can easily increase or decrease the size of the tiles.

The most loved application of the windows8 is the Internet Explorer 10 which has the phishing filter with the help of which you are provided with a better security. Windows8 will come with pre-installed internet explorer 10.

Also Windows 8 will come with better X-box live games and other applications. Microsoft earlier announced that the market place of the windows phone now has 1,00,000 application available for the download for the users.

Windows 8 will also have a wallet application which will allow the users to make payments by simply tapping the phone on the credit card. Windows8 wallet application is quite similar to the Google wallet which allows its users to make payments in a similar way.


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