Top 5 – ‘Best Buy’ Cell Phones List of 2013

2013 has been an year of smart phones and have seen launch of lots of impressive smartphones in the market. Its quite a task to shortlist the best five from these hundreds of good cell phones but then,, we are reaching the end of the year and should have ‘the best of the best’ list for sure too! So, lets try to figure out the most exciting cell phones of this year.

Top phones 2013

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Samsung Galaxy S4 would definitely feature in this list. It was expected to be one of the most promising launches of Samsung this year and it has not disappointed either! It is a true successor of S 3 and the improvement in the series is evident and can be clearly seen in this smartphone. It is much better to grip as compared to S2 and S3 and is much lighter than them too. It has good , clear resolution, though the screen is not the biggest one around. With a 4.5 inch screen display, and quad core 600 processor, this smartphone has got some great features like the proximity sensor, which enables the user to control the screen from a distance of about a centimeter. So, the user need not to touch the smartphone to operate it, which not only makes the operation easy and effective, but also helps in keeping the screen clean and scratch free! It also has an Infra read blaster, which allows user to control their electronic devices like TV, DVD etc. The camera is great and captures images with impressive clarity. Overall, S 4 is easily of the the best launches of the year.

wireless charging Galaxy S4

LG G2 is another smartphone which would make it in this list. It has got a bigger than S 4 and a better battery life too. The processor quad core 800 processor is also quicker that S 4, which has a relatively slower 600 processor. Both smartphones have an equal RAM of 2 GB. Its 13 mega pixel camera is as good as any of its counterparts and overall, we can say that, LG G2 is one of the most impressive smartphone of 2013. Its features are quite similar to Nexus 5 and we can say that its almost a tie between the two smartphones and its hard to decide which among the two is a better buy!


Sony Xperia is yet another smartphone which need to feature in our list. It has got a 5 inch display, and comes up with a GellyBean 4.1 Andriod, which is soon planned to be upgraded to the latest version. An impressive feature about this smartphone is that is 100 % water proof, thus making it more durable. Sony brand is popular for its camera and Xperia with a 13.1 mega pixel has one of the best one around. The looks, like most of the Sony products are slim and sleek.

Sony Xperia

Moto X with its great design and solid looks is one of the best launches of 2013. It has dual core snap drag S4 processor, 2 GB RAM and 10 mega pixel camera. Its quite easy to operate and probably the easiest smartphone to command from voice. At 4.7 inch, it has got a slightly smaller screen than its counterparts, but its easy user interference makes up for its screen size. Motorola brand is not as popular as Samsung, buy nevertheless, Moto X has all the features that would give its competitors a run for their money!

Moto X

Last, but definitely not the least, HTC One is one of the contenders of the number one spot. It has got a solid, yet tender looks. Its light weight and easy to handle. It has a superb ultra pixel camera, which includes instant clcing features, where one can take up to 20 pics on a click of the phone! The camera also works well under low light and is great for photography. Apart from it, HTC One has is lensed with all the necessity features which are a must to have in a trendy smartphone. It is easily one of the best smartphone of 2013!


So, these are some of the best launches of 2013 in no particular order. Some would agree on the list and some would not, but that is understandable as it is a daunting task to select just five good smartphhone from a list of hundreds!

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