Nokia Announces Q2 Results 2012 And Sales Further Drop By 19%

Nokia has finally announced the results of its Fiscal year Q2 2012in which the net sales of the company has dropped own by 19 percent. Also the company is facing an operating loss of about 1 billion.

It is very disappointing to see that one the most leading mobile handsets manufacturing company ( few years back) has such bad results.

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The operating margins and services are also giving a loss of 9 per cent to the company and on calculating roughly there is net loss of $1 billion.

Nokia sold about 4 million Nokia Lumia handsets and total about 10.2 million devices are sold by Nokia, which means that the sale of Symbian Nokia mobiles is still ahead of selling of smartphones. The sales of Nokia phones are largely droped from 16 Million in Q1 to about 10.2 Million in Q2. Currently Nokia Asha is becoming very popular which being sold a lot.

The CEO of the company Stephen Elop says that the company is in a transition state which means that they have really worked hard for the Lumia Series and they expect that Windows8 which is will be available in the Q4, should make a difference and should lift the sales up. According to the CEO, the sales of Nokia should remain same during Q3 and there will be an up or down cut off of 4 per cent. Nokia will also continue selling the Symbian phones as this year, the sales of the Symbian phones are more than the sales of the smartphones.

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