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Let’s sum up the results of Apple iPad presentation because it caused apparently ambiguous reaction. There was both delirious admiration and utter disappointment. Let us try to remove rose-coloured glasses of “judge of creation of Apple developers” and make an independent review of Apple iPad advantages and disadvantages.
Thus, developers market the tablet as a cross between iPhone and iMac. However there appeared also the following versions of its positioning in the Internet, for example, sub-iMac, over-iPhone and “usual iPhone got doped with muscle pills” ©. In my humble opinion, tablet is a device with not half bad functional. But it is limited with framework created by Apple itself.

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The device inherited from iPhone its lack of multitasking. Player will undoubtedly work over all applications, however, to make torrent functioning possible you’ll have to sacrifice your communication and close ICQ.
Screen’s 4:3 aspect ratio promises seeing movies with black stripes on top and below. But on the other hand, IPS-LCD matrix, used in expensive professional and designer displays, ensures perfect color rendering and 178 degree viewing angles. That means that movies will be convenient for seeing with a company without notorious glares still with black stripes.
iPad plays 720p video but screen resolution is only1024×768 pixels. Video signal is also possible with resolution 1024×768 pixels (special cable is necessary). That means that there is playback function 720p but it can’t be used.
In return, on capacity technology the developers worked excellently. Multi Touch accuracy is extremely high – web pages open up quickly, scrolling works without slowing down, video is played immediately after clicking the icon.
There is up-to-date WI-Fi n and Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR support. Everything seems to be great but 3G version will cost $100 more than ordinary Wi-Fi version, in addition to this Micro Sim-Card is necessary but you can’t use it for calls. Mobile browser is with Flash support however there is special application for YouTube.
There are only charger and PC synchronization cable complete with iPad, therefore you’ll have to buy lot of adapters as there are no standard ports in the device. There are no web-camera and card reader.
But on the other hand there are built in GPS, digital compass and illuminance level sensor. Unfortunately, GPS is available only in 3G version. In base case of iPad you can use Wi-Fi stations and compass for position-fix.
Using the docking offered by Apple you can place the gadget only vertically. Virtual keyboard, although big, isn’t suitable for appropriate typing, therefore the company prepared the alternative – stylish leather cover functioning as stand for video seeing and text typing.
As for me, the main advantage of iPad is support of great many of programs from AppStore that allows turning your iPad into anything you want.

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