Turn your iPad into DJ console with a subtle motion of your hand

The developers have already turned the iPad into a book, game console and magazine. Now the device can also become a DJ console. Mixr is the first full-function DJ Mixing application for the iPad.

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The developers specify all functions of the app for DJs or people considering themselves such. Though for ordinary people i.e. not DJs these terms seem to be a little strange we will list some of them.

So, some features of the app are as follows: cross-fading, drag & drop tracks, equalizing, cue, delays and auto filter, effects for live modulation etc. In order to mix the music, it is necessary just to touch the vinyl records with your fingers. It’s very simple to play your music, stop it and run it backwards. To manipulate the sound, simply rotate the vinyl with your fingers, just like in reality. You can change the speed of the record by one touch, match beats, cue tracks, create special effects, record your Mixes etc.

The interface of the app seems to be quite nice; it is intuitive and easy to use. All DJ apps has always had complicated track lists and ugly interface. Mixr developers have pioneered an absolutely new way for DJs to search their music. Now you can simply flip through your albums and tap to load your favorite LPs.

Although the app development is in its final stage the release date isn’t announced so far. If the price of this app won’t be too high it has every prospect of becoming very popular as everyone has at least once wanted to be as that stylish guy at the DJ console. Well, now we have such opportunity.

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