iWork.com has been updated

Cupertino company has updated its iWork.com service developed for publication in the Internet the documents of the iWork ’09 applications. Afterwards off-site users can look over and comment these documents and also load on their computers in MS Office, PDF or iWork formats. As distinct from similar services this one doesn’t enable editing the documents online.

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Apple has extended possibilities of shared access to the documents in this version i.e. there is no need to invite users to look over the document, now there is just generated permalink with which you can go from any site or blog. As this link is static it enables the document overlooking by tremendous number of people.

Now at Home Page of Shared Documents it is possible to load files without preview and also watch over the number of visitors having looked them.

Mobile version of iWork.com has been also improved a little. The page of service logon has been changed and what is more the service works faster now.

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