If you are reading this inscription, then I’m in front!

Turns out, MAYA Sprocket creatives worry about bicyclists. That is the reason why these guys developed special app for the iPad showing driving direction by the instrumentality of accelerometer.

Google Ads:

The iPad itself a bicyclist has pickaback in special waistcoat, to be more precise only the pocket is special, the waistcoat is actually usual. Except the turnoff signs and STOP sign the app can display written reports for those who are behind you.

Well, you need do the following:

– to download Sprocket MAYA from the App Store, it’s free;

– to disable auto-brightness in your iPad and set up maximal iPad brightness;

– fasten the gadget on your back.

If you don’t have clothes with back-pocket watch the following video “Make the pocket for your iPad yourself.” :)

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