Great artists on your iPad

Three wonderful apps:

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Da Vinci HD Price: $0.99
Download link: iTunes

Van Gogh HD Price: $0.99
Download link: iTunes

Rembrandt HD Price: $0.99
Download link: iTunes

by Boram Kim, combining works of great artists of all time, are now available in AppStore and they are definitely worthwhile.

Each program is broken down into categories according to different artistic periods for each artist, thus, Da Vinci HD includes 11 categories of artwork during Leonardo Da Vinci’s life – from Verrochio’s Workshop (1466-1476) to sketches used for his anatomical studies.

View the works contained in each category as a slide show, by sliding a finger across the screen. By tapping the “All” button on the top right corner of the screen, you can view all the works contained in a category simultaneously.

In all three apps works are represented as high-quality HD pictures and many works have also close-up pictures in addition to the full view.

There is information about each picture, which includes:

– the title of the piece;
– year it was created;
– tools used to create it;
– size of the original;
– current location.

Some pieces include a link to Wikipedia where you can read more detailed information.

If you really liked some pictures, you can save them to Photos or Bookmark to avoid searching them another time. You can share artwork with your friends via E-mail. Van Gogh HD features an excellent option to listen to music during browsing through his masterpieces.

Each app costs $ 0.99 in AppStore.

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