Earn money on Forex with iPad

How is it possible to raise money by dint of the iPad? Don’t you know? Try to do this on Forex, iCurrency Pad will help you with this.

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This program corresponds a currency convertor where you can see exchange rate status at the moment and analyze diagrams.

The program also features:

1. intuitive and cute interface developed for work optimization, handy calculator that shows the result subject to all principal mathematical functions;

2. 150 main currencies + currencies from around the world, which you can sort out in order to make the purchase / sale process more convenient;

3. diagrams, showing exchange rates history for two certain currencies. There is a signal in diagram for any day and any changes in exchange rate. Diagrams are available even for decennial period;

4. iCurrency Pad supports two data warehouses: Yahoo and Ino.com. Yahoo offers exchange rates for 150 currencies, and Ino.com offers to store 60 exchange rates; it’s perfect for vendors requiring precise information concerning exchange rates;

5. English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic languages;

6. and one of the most pleasing moments is that the program costs only $0.99 and doesn’t contain any advertisement. So, we wish you good luck on Forex!

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