Let’s shove iPad into … pocket

Still, the world takes tablet Apple iPad as improved out of gauge iPhone. Some people even consider the gadget can be pocket. For example, company “OhNo! Doom Collective” from Chicago produced conceptual jeans iBap with huge pocket on the bottom sewed specially for iPad size.

This was a kind of appeal to collaboration between trendy clothing manufacturers and gadget creators. By this work designers tried to demonstrate compact size of the tablet, to tell you the truth, I think it looks pretty funny. As no matter how fashionable is your clothes, the main criterion for its evaluation is comfort.

Google Ads:

First of all, it’s not clear how much secure will iPad be in this pocket from pushes, vibration, humidity, strange hands etc. Secondly, it will be difficult for the owner to sit down, all the more to move with almost one-kilo load in the pocket.

So, maybe in future fashion and technologies will go hand in hand however iGotaBigAssPocket Jeans won’t go into series production so far. In my opinion this is as it should be i.e. they made the presentation, surprised people, prepared us for further creative solutions and organized their advertising but they didn’t risk because Apple fans are very uncertain people.

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