Insure your iPad

Secure your iPad against accidents such as an owner-muddler, little children who want to taste it and pets taking it as a threat. The Speck design team offers its variants of the iPad protection from different force majeures, these are designed by them accessories. So:

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PixelShield will secure your iPad against mechanical damages. This slim sleeve will help you to avoid dents and scratches and consists of three protective layers:

– a textured, padded neoprene exterior;
– a strong screen side layer designed to safe-guard the iPad screen against impacts;
– a micro-fleece interior to prevents scratches.

This is not a backpack or a bag replacement, its main task is to shield your iPad from foreign objects while on the go, and it fulfils this function very well. The accessory also shields the iPad during x-ray screenings at the airport security checkpoints.

The PixelShield features very snug fit that adjusts to the curvature of the back of the iPad and it is not spoiled with zipper, it comes in red and black colors. However, this is not the cheapest sleeve, its retail price is set at $39.95.

ShieldView is set of 2 screen protectors for your iPad, which easily stick to your device on contact and can be also easily removed and repositioned. But it is very important to clean the iPad surface thoroughly before these protectors usage as minute particles will be shown up.

ShieldView makes the screen feel really great to the touch, it becomes mat, and considerably reduces the amount of fingerprints and smudges on your iPad screen. ShieldView costs $24.95 (you get two screen protectors, so it’s about $12.50 each.)

The last but not the least insurance variant is CandyShell – a semi-flexible protective shell for your Apple tablet computer and is the combination of a soft rubberized case and a hard shell in a seamless single-piece design. CandyShell is very easy to snap on your iPad, and protects your device from head to toe, via:

– a honeycomb-like, rubberized interior that acts like a cushion;
– a hard outer-shell;
– an outer lip that allows you to place your iPad facedown on a flat surface without scratching the screen.

The case is perfectly designed and gives you easy access to the iPad’s controls, such as volume and power buttons. There are also features openings for the microphone, the headphone, as well as the speakers. Most of all, the bottom of the case offers a flap that can be opened to gain access to the USB/Dock connector, without having to remove the iPad from the case.

The case costs $49.95 which can seem too expensive at first, but this is the best hard shell on the market today, and the quality is amazing.

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