Flash set-up on iPad

Since the first iPhone was released the whole world has condemned Apple for lack of Flash on their mobile platform. Steve Jobs says the reason for this is Adobe’s idleness – they don’t want to develop this technology that’s why it is so “voracious”. Though, in spite of Apple’s ban, enthusiasts such as Comex, the author of the latest Jailbreak for iPad, managed to run Flash on iPad due to Frash utility.

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Unfortunately, this is impossible to do officially, so you need the iPad with Jailbreak and afc2add patch from Cydia installed on it (for access to file system).
It should be said that “If you are not sure of yourself, give this up. All actions are carried out on your own account!”
You will need:

  1. Jailbroken iPad
  2. Any file manager
  3. File Frash-0.01.deb


  1. Connect your iPad with PC
  2. Through file manager open /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall folder (If some folders miss, add them by your own)
  3. Copy Frash-0.01.deb into AutoInstall folder
  4. Restart your iPad

That’s it. Now, when visiting web pages with Flash you’ll see red F sign, tap it and you’ll see Flash content.

As expected, this plug-in is a good discovery for banner advertisement, it is displayed perfectly. As for games, there has been a big question. But, I opened a random web page with Flash games and was thrilled that all three games loaded with audio (!), though, I managed to play only one of them.

As you can see, it’s possible to play online Flash games on you iPad, use Flash menu and have access to any Flash content on web pages despite Apple’s assurances that it’s impossible to port Flash on iPhone and iPad for technical reasons. So far the plug-in is underdone, but nevertheless this is a great advance in this direction.

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