How to Stream Video from Your Android

Not only can you use your Android as an IP camera viewer but you can actually use your Android as an IP camera as well and view whatever the camera is seeing from another mobile device or computer.

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You can use this setup as a way to see what is happing when you step out of a room or just outside your window – best of all it wont cost you a thing to buy hardware of software.

You will need: access to a wireless network, the “IP Webcam” app, or a similar app and another phone or computer from which to view the video stream.

Streaming Video from your Android

  1. Install IP Webcam and then launch the app. It will give you the option to configure a number of settings for the video, audio, orientation of the stream and security settings.
  2. When you launch the app you should see an option that says “Start Server”. Streaming will start and the app will show you an IP address you can enter into a browser or other web cam viewer to access the video stream.
  3. On the next screen you will see a number of options for accessing the video stream. If you use Firefox or Chrome the browser option should work just fine.

If you are using this app for a prank you can remotely turn on your phone’s LED and take a photo. My wife almost freaked out when see saw the LED light from the phone I had propped up in a sofa behind her suddenly came and the camera shutter fired.

Possible Uses

Owing to the fact that the app uses a local IP address, you wont be able to view the video stream from a computer that is not on your local network. In any case you can still use IP Webcam as a makeshift nanny cam, pet monitor, spy cam, or wireless video surveillance camera.

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